Nutrition North Canada Advisory Board

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About the advisory board

The Nutrition North Canada Advisory Board was established to support program governance by providing residents of isolated Canadian communities with a direct voice in the program.

Board members provide advice to the Minister of Northern Affairs to help guide the management, direction and activities of the program and to ensure that Northerners receive its full benefits. The board is actively involved in soliciting input from program users to ensure northern and community perspectives are heard and considered.

Board members serve in their own right, not as representatives of any particular organization, area or special interest. They are appointed to three-year terms.

This is a volunteer board but expenses related to board membership are reimbursed. Members will also be given a small honorarium for their travel to and participation in face- to- face meetings.


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Fax: 819-953-9309
Mail: 25 Eddy Street, 14th Floor, Gatineau QC K1A 0H4

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